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Merits Of Having Thermostatic Shower Mixer

For anyone planning their bathroom remodel, a thermostatic shower faucet is one of the perfect additions to one of your first projects out there. This tap works with a valve that mixes hot and cold water. 

So you can always take a shower with the same water temperature. It also allows you to take a more comfortable shower. These taps are available with pre-set temperature for the water temperature to ensure a constant temperature in every shower. Futura shower mixer of the futura collection is very renowned among people in New Zealand.

Shower Mixer

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In addition, this model has the property that one cannot choose very high temperatures for hot water. This is a really great feature for anyone with young children who are choking. It's to the point where you can't scald if you choose water that's too hot for you. 

Some also have the function of cutting off the water completely if the water temperature changes before it reaches you and avoiding possible scalding from hot water.

Depending on the amount of water pressure you had before installing the mixer this is the amount you will have after installing it. You need to make sure that the valve you choose has a valve that will work with the existing water pressure. 

This device monitors the temperature and if the water gets too cold it actually stops the cold water, or if the water gets too hot it can stop the hot water.

Thermostatic shower faucets are the perfect fit for your shower. This little mixer complements the interior of your bathroom. Since it's so easy to install, there's no reason not to install it in your bathroom.