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Sola Pools Covers – Two Types of Covers to Consider

Solar energy is fast becoming an alternative energy option. People are realizing that solar energy can compete with traditional sources of energy and works perfectly for certain applications. Solar pools are one of the ideal uses for solar energy. By reading this article you can get the best information about best automatic pool covers.

Sola Pools Covers - Two Types of Covers to Consider

There are two types of covers for the pool. This includes passive or active technology. Passive solar energy requires more manual labor than active solar energy. For example, using a battery to attach and remove a cover would be active while manually installing a pool cover would be passive.

Your first big choice will be deciding which of the two you prefer. Active pool covers are more expensive than passive pool covers, but they both work very well.

There are many options to choose from various models of sunscreens for swimming pools. There are several options such as pool closures that use roller pull-on and take-off. All models have the same goal of covering the pool and keeping it warm. 

There are also umbrellas for the pool which are suitable for ground pools. Prices for this model range from $ 60 to $ 100. The price difference depends on the size of your pool.

If you want an active solar pool cover, look for more modern technology. That means more money and more work on your part. Active coatings for solar pools require several installations.

You need some sort of solar storage and collection device. A great benefit of active solar pool cover is that you can use the collected solar energy to power other things like outdoor lighting as well.