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Tag: basement waterproofing

Prioritizing Your Foundation Repairs

It is not always easy to repair foundations where the slab has cracked and has settled. It can be terrifying. This fix can be done in several ways depending on your perspective by basement foundation repair service at

A skilled foundation repair contractor will appreciate the importance of a thorough inspection of the foundation, the soil around the house, and any site conditions that can make the soil unstable.

If the soil around the house contains a lot of clay, it tends to expand when wet and can cause the foundation walls to bend, tilt, move, and crack. Excess water from roof drains or leaky pipes can clear the soil beneath the slab and foundation. If the concrete is not supported from below, this water creates holes and lowers the base.

All of the above soil problems can be solved if the right repair techniques and materials are used. Remember, however, that you must first determine the underlying cause of the damage before proceeding with the repair.

In the opinion of experts, it is most effective to carry out a thorough examination of the foundation to identify soil conditions that can cause sedimentation, deformation, cracks, and other problems in the foundation. 

Next, design a repair program that uses modern components such as spiral rods, piston rods, wall brackets, and foundation anchors to permanently fix certain foundation problems.